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A few months prior to Legion, options to give us the tools that will help set us up for success in game and out were researched.
Ultimately, Enjin showed to be the best for our needs and with the help of some talented ppl, we're settled in to our new oTQ guild site:!



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We are [of The Queue], a US-Alliance guild residing on Nesingwary/Nazgrel/Vek'nilash! Born during the death knells of the Site That Shall Not Be Named, [oTQ] is a haven for followers of the Blizzard fansite, Blizzard Watch. We are a family friendly, all inclusive community that engages in a number of activities such as current tier raiding, legacy raiding, dungeoning, contests, shenanigans, and more! Join us for socializing, raiding, guild events, and a great time!

[oTQ] is such a large guild that we expanded to an alt guild known as [of The Queue Too]. Altoholics with over five characters can find a home in [oTQ2]!

Because of the two guild split, we use a global chat channel for guild chatter! Type /join otq for all your guild chat needs!

We also have a US-Horde guild (also on Nesingwary/Nazgrel/Vek'nilash) named [Know Your Horde] for our members that prefer to bleed red instead of blue.

If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask any of the admins. Welcome to the family!

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Guild Slack

Interested in continuing guild chat offline? Then our Guild Slack is just the place for you! Join oTQ Slack!

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braellyn: Horde Tuesday everyone! I will be on around 7:00 pm Pacific time doing Hordish things if anyone wants to join me. May 30, 2016 16:53:34 GMT -6
braellyn: I need to finish my legendary Hordeside, so likely I will be doing one last run of BRF LFR...that SHOULD give me enough fragments. So if you need yours too and want to come join me, please do! May 30, 2016 16:54:55 GMT -6
SMac: Horde Tuesday?!? Today is Tuesday!! I'll see if I have time to log on May 31, 2016 17:51:00 GMT -6
fussypants: Heralds post has been updated. Lets get those last couple of titles! Jun 1, 2016 0:03:15 GMT -6
Admin: Look at our beautifully updated guild forum! What an HTML wonder! So shiny! Jun 1, 2016 18:21:28 GMT -6
AwkwardPain: Braellyn, I am currently playing a lot more horde every day that I do play. I would be happy with getting more people on KYH and building up the guild! Jun 8, 2016 17:14:25 GMT -6
Penfold5: Hi, do we have any kind of remembrance day for fallen Queuevians? In other guilds there is usually a ceremony once a year or so. Jun 25, 2016 22:52:28 GMT -6
LadyRhees: No Jun 27, 2016 6:49:20 GMT -6
gnomepriest: Nobody shouts in here. Guess this place has become a Library. Maybe even a Scarlet Librar Jul 15, 2016 11:34:53 GMT -6
gnomepriest: *Library Jul 15, 2016 11:34:59 GMT -6
xenokai: we do too.....its just not a chatroom....thats what we have slack Jul 15, 2016 18:19:16 GMT -6
LadyRhees: Ppl do shout in here, you have to log in to see it :) Jul 15, 2016 23:43:27 GMT -6
Quirke: Hi! My husband and I are looking to join OTQ. Is there a good time to catch an admin online, and if so who should I contact? Thanks! Jul 27, 2016 12:47:46 GMT -6
ANonnyMouse: Anyone who's online in the guild can invite. Whisper pretty much anyone who shows up in a "/who Of the Queue" and they can get you in Jul 27, 2016 13:13:35 GMT -6
Quirke: Awesome, thanks! Jul 27, 2016 18:06:32 GMT -6
LadyRhees: Tentative raid rosters are under the new "Raiding" link in the navigation bar at the top :) Aug 26, 2016 1:00:50 GMT -6
mythriak: should we be leaving this site? Aug 29, 2016 7:56:21 GMT -6
LadyRhees: The old site will stay up for a few months while we get everyone transitioned over to our new home at :D Sept 3, 2016 6:50:41 GMT -6
Asheri (Myth): Looking for raid survey. What am I missing? Sept 25, 2016 14:16:59 GMT -6
mythstaria: Got it! Sept 25, 2016 14:21:40 GMT -6
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